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The Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrüb belongs to that category since it is brewed with malt made from at least 50% wheat (Hefe Weiss means wheat in German). This wheat lager enjoys a worldwide fine reputation and is one of the beers the most served during Oktoberfest, the Beer Celebration in Munich. The Paulaner is a beer non filtrated before bottling and that pours a cloudy robe because of the suspended yeast. This is written on the label with the title “Naturtrüb” which means “natural trouble”! This Paulaner pours a straw yellow robe relatively cloudy and topped by a rich, creamy and long-lasting head. It releases pleasant fruit and smoked aromas of cereals. In the mouth, it features full-bodied and slightly acid flavors of fruit, typical of wheat beers. The hops express themselves in the aftertaste and provide the beer with great light and smoked bitterness.

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