Q. What kind of beer is available for rent?

A. We can supply all the major brands of beer (Imported & Domestic). Heineken, Stella, Miller Lite, Yuengling, are our most popular brands. Just remember, if you have seen it on tap at any sports bar or restaurant, etc…, then the chance is we can get it. Special Orders: Please allow a 7-business day turnaround time on all orders. Most of our products are in stock and in plentiful supply. We’ll let you know about products that are in limited supply.

Q. How many beers are in a keg?

A. A beer keg in the U.S. is the equivalent of a half-barrel. It holds 50 Liters/15.5 Gallons of beer. It weighs as much as 180 pounds at capacity and is about 30 pounds when empty. That breaks out to about 1980 ounces. Actual per-glass quantity will vary depending on the amount of foam. Worst case, based on a 12-oz serving with ½-inch head, will be about 200 cups and best case will be about 220 cups with a 1-inch head of foam. That equates to approximately 7 cases, 168 (12 ounces) bottles in it. That’s LOTS of beers! Refer to the Product Knowledge chart below for different keg sizes!

Note:A Keg of Beer is best when dispensed cold. Maintain the keg's temperature by placing it in a plastic tub surrounded with ice. Keep the keg in a cool location out of the sun.
  1. Connect the party pump (tap the keg). Insert the coupler into the keg valve and depress the handle
  2. Before pumping, open faucet releasing natural keg pressure. First beers may consist of foam.
  3. Pour beer by squeezing the black faucet open completely, Partial opening of the faucet may create foam.
  4. Only pump to maintain good beer flow. OVERPUMPING will create foam. Keep hose and faucet out of direct sunlight.


Q. Should I get more than one keg?

A. We advise our customers to always plan for the best. It takes very little for us to deliver a second keg.

Q. How many kegs will I need?

A. A rough guide is outlined below, however this depends on the amount of people drinking beer, or on how many of them drinking spirits and wines.

For Example:
Party with over 60 adults 1-2 kegs
Party with over 160 adults 3-4 kegs

Q. Can I get a refund on a Keg?

A. Due to the perishable nature of draft beer and state regulations, we are not able to refund your money on a keg that has not been used. We give you 3 days from the date of purchase to finish and return the empty, so keep the keg cold and give us a call to possibly extend the due date. When buying large keg quantities, untouched kegs are not refundable, please refer to last question, and calculate correctly.

Q. Do you rent or sell pumps?

A. We do have domestic and imported pumps available to purchase. As far as renting pumps, we have pumps available for rent with purchase of a keg from Party Kegs at $10.00 rental fee and $20.00 rental fee for kegs purchased elsewhere.

Q. Do you charge a Security Deposit on Keg Pump Systems?

A. Yes, $100 which is to cover damage to the Keg, Bin, and Pump, including losing it or breakages. 

Q. How does the deposit work?

A. We require a cash or credit card only for the deposit on the equipment (keg, pump, tub). Beer must be paid for with cash or credit card (no checks). You have 3 days from the time the beer is picked up to return the equipment for a full refund of the deposit. If you need an extra day to return the keg, you must call us to request an extension. A fee of $10.00 per day will be charged from your deposit if you don't call.

Q. How far in advance do I have to reserve a keg?

A. The great advantage we have over our competitors (besides the lowest prices in town) is the selection of kegs we have in stock every day. For the majority of domestic, imported, and craft beers listed on the KEGS page, we have them in stock. You do not have to special order and can come in the day of your event to purchase the keg.

Some beers that are not in stock can be special ordered. We require the order to be placed and paid for 7 days in advance. Call us for more information. If you know the brewery and distributor for the brew you want, it will greatly help us order your keg. In store payment required for special order kegs, no payments over the phone allowed.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Delivery is available when the beer is paid for in full at least 5 days in advance. There is a fee for delivery depending on distance from our store and quantity of kegs. Delivery charge does not include pick up of the equipment. You are responsible for returning our equipment and receiving your deposit back.

Note: Delivery availability cannot be guaranteed until request is confirmed by Party Kegs representative, subject to availability.


Draught Beer (or draft)

Draught (or Draft) beer is almost always un-pasteurized and therefore is more fragile. It should be consumed after being "tapped", and is generally truer to the flavors of the ingredients as pasteurization exposes the beer to heat and changes the flavor profile. Always use brewery approved beer line if you want to have foam free fresh tasting beer. Serving it through a plastic tube from the hardware or discount store or the plain vinyl tubing in your beer tap system you will wind up with a foamy, off tasting beer. Real draught beer is not pasteurized. It must be kept refrigerated between 35F and 44F. A beer will become wild; turn sour and cloudy in a day or two below 44F. A keg of draught beer should last 20-30 days before it loses its fresh brewery taste and aroma. Craft beers (micro brews) tend to have a shorter shelf life and you should contact the brewery for their recommendations.


The Quarter Keg (Pony Keg) is also used in two variations that are the same capacity but have the slightly larger 17" diameter.


Keg size cases gallons weight
1/2 Keg 7 15.5 170 lb.
1/4 Keg 3 1/2 7 3/4 85lb.
1/6 Keg 2 1/2 5 60 lb.

Keg Sizes:

Keg Size Description # of ounces # of 12oz servings
1/2 bbl
= American Keg (15.5 Gallons) = 1,984 oz or 165 12oz beers
= Euro Keg (13.2 Gallons or 50 Liters) = 1,746 oz or 146 12oz beers
= American Pony Keg (7.5 Gallons) = 992 oz's or 80 12oz bbers
= Euro Pony Keg (7.5 Gallons or 30 Liters) = 1,048oz or 87 12oz beers
1/6 bbl
= 5 Gallons (5 Gallons) = 636oz or 53 12oz beers
= Euro 5 Gallons (5.4 Gal or 20Liter) = 698oz or 58 12oz beers



Keg Valves

Tap Legend Also Referred as Typically fits
"D" System = American Most Domestic Microbrews
"S" System = European Many Imports
"U" System = Guinness Guinness, Smithwick's
"A" System = German Slider Many Germans & Belgians
"G" System = Bass Bass, Anchor Steam, Boddingtons

Trouble Shooting Guide

Foamy Beer – What are the Causes?

The 3 most often causes of beer foaming up are:

  • The temperature of the beer keg
  • The balance of the draught beer system pressures
  • The cleanliness of the draught beer system

First, the “shaking” up of the keg from the ride home will cause it to be foamy for the first 30 minutes or so, but if all else is correct, it shouldn’t be foamy much after that.

Your CO2 pressure for the Keg Refrigerator should generally be at 10-12 Lbs. PSI. No higher. If your beer is just foamy, but pouring normal, then your pressure is correct. If the beer is pouring fast and foamy, the pressure is too high in the keg itself. Either the gauge on your regulator is reading wrong (which you will have to adjust “blind” and to feel), or it is correct but the pressure in the keg is still too high. To relieve pressure in your keg, the coupler (sometimes called a tapper or tapping device – the thing that actually taps the keg) should have a pressure relief valve on it the usually has a small key ring attached to it. Pull this to relieve some of the pressure from the keg. You should do this every time you lower the CO2 tank pressure.

Another reason might be that your Keg Refrigerator isn’t getting the keg cold enough. You want it to be between 32 and 40 degrees F (not too cold to freeze the keg). You can purchase a thermometer at any grocery store. Be sure it’s the refrigerator type and not the oven type.

Beer line isn’t long enough. Coors is the only one we know of that has a recommended beer line length and it’s a minimum of 7’. So if your beer line is too short, this may be a cause. Ironically, almost all Kegerators are sold with 5’ of beer line and it does work with well most of the time for even Coors Light.

CO2 getting into the mix before the faucet. This is a rarity, but sometimes a coupler will have a faulty washer (or the keg top itself) that will allow CO2 to get into the beer line when the beer is being poured. If all of the other possibilities above are not the cause, this might be your culprit.


Party Tips

Whether you’re throwing a social event, planning a wedding reception, or putting together the office Christmas party, there are always lots of questions to ask yourself in respect to the beverages you plan to serve, believe me, this tips will help you!

Choose a good menu of beverages. Once you have made your decision on what to purchase, contact us to place your order by phone and we’ll deliver it right to your door step!

How much to buy?

You can manually calculate the alcohol you need:

  1. Estimate how many people will be drinking at the event.
  2. Multiply this # by 4 (although most people drink 2-3 drinks at a party, we estimated 4 drinks per person so that you won’t run out!) This tells you the total # of drinks you need.
  3. Translate this drink # into the different kinds of drinks.
    • A can or bottle of beer provides 1 drink.
    • A 750ml bottle of wine provides 5 drinks.
    • A 750ml bottle of liquor provides about 12-15 drinks.

Finally, multiply those #’s by the preference percentages above (50% beer, 25% wine, & 25% spirits) and you a shopping breakdown of the alcohol you need to buy.

For example, a typical selection for a party of 100 people would be 400 standard drinks, distributed in this way:

  • 200 – 12oz. bottles or cans of beer (200 drinks)
  • 20 – 750ml bottles of wine (100 drinks)
  • 7 – 750ml bottles of spirits (approx. 150 drinks.)


Person picking up keg must be 21+ years of age and will have to show a valid Florida driver's license or any other type of valid identification. Person picking up keg must sign "keg responsibility" form.

Please bring a vehicle suitable for picking up a keg.

Party Kegs and the breweries/distributors supplying keg beers; bear no responsibility for any damages incurred by customers transporting beer to their party site or anywhere else.

We will only assist in bringing keg to your vehicle, but cannot place keg in your, pick-up truck, station wagon, etc.


In-Store pick up rentals must be returned within 3 days (72 Hours). Late fee of $10.00 per day applies!
Kegs must be emptied before return; there will be a $5.00 handling fee per keg if it’s not empty at time of return to Party Kegs!
Deposits with credit card, 7% taxes will be applied, but not returned! All deposits will be returned in cash.
Fees are deductable from your security deposit.

 All sales are final. No refunds for un-used kegs.

Document enhancement...
If you would like to add to this document, please email us with things you would like to see. We will likely add it to this section. Beer related FAQ's that are common in this section are a "nice to have".
We would like our customers to make suggestions of products and advice on service. We are getting new products all the time so feel free to ask! If we don’t have it we’ll do our best to get it for you.


If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to Email us @ info@party-kegs.com

Thank You For Your Business!