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American beer lovers traveling through Belgium tend to seek out revered Trappist and Abbey ales, some of which are only available in Belgium. Most Belgians, however, opt to drink the locally brewed, golden, light-bodied Pilsner. Easy to drink, more simple in character and lower in alcohol than most Belgian ale styles, these Euro Pale Lagers are very popular in Belgium. Characteristics: Crisp, balanced, biscuity, earthy, light-bodied. ABV range: 4-5% IBU: 17-30 Popular Euro Pale Lager brands: Martens Pilsner, Stella Artois Serving temperature: Cold, 39-45° Cheese pairing ideas: Chèvre, Havarti, Monterey Jack, mild Cheddar, Edam, Swiss Food pairing ideas: Light foods, including salads, crab, lobster, salmon and chicken; spicy Indian and Mexican dishes; fried foods

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