CO2 tanks

CO2 Refill Prices

Size of CylinderExchange $Buy $
2.5lb. CO2 Cylinder$9.99$N/A
5lb. C02 Aluminum Cylinder$19.99$71.99
5lb. CO2 Iron Cylinder$19.99$71.99
10lb. CO2 Iron Cylinder$24.99$N/A
20lb. CO2 Iron Cylinder$29.99$98.99

Notes for all CO2 Refills:

G-Gas & Nitrogen Refill Prices

Size of CylinderExchange $Offsite Refill $
7.3 cu. ft. G-Gas & Nitro (2.5LB)$N/A$N/A
14.5 cu. ft. G-Gas & Nitro (5LB)$N/A$N/A
29.3 cu. ft. G-Gas & Nitro (10LB)$N/A$N/A
44.4 cu. ft. G-Gas and Nitro (15LB)$N/A$N/A
59 cu. ft. G-Gas and Nitro (20LB)$N/A$N/A

Notes for all G-Gas & Nitrogen Refills:

Hydro testing

Hydrostatic (Hydro) testing of all cylinders is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) every 5 years. Your cylinder is stamped with a month and date of its last Hydro test, or the date it was manufactured if it has not been re-tested yet. The test includes removing the valve and testing the cylinder for pressure, checking for cracks and a visual inspection of the inside of the cylinder.

Size of CylinderOnsite Hydro $Offsite Hydro $
All Cylinders$N/A$34.99

Notes for Hydro Testing:

All Prices Subject To Change without Previous Notice!